How to buy a ticket with an open date

How to buy a ticket with an open date

A ticket with an open date - what is it?

Every person planning an air flight wants to think it through. But sometimes life makes its own adjustments and prepares unforeseen situations for us. For example, you took tickets to two ends, went to your destination, but you understand that it's necessary to fly back urgently. At the same time, the date on the return ticket is clearly indicated. It remains either to postpone the trip before the appointed time, or to take it, buy a new one and spend money. To prevent such problems for passengers, there are air tickets with an open date.

These are tickets for a particular flight of a particular air carrier. They do not specify the departure date for the owner to independently choose the optimal timing for himself. Such boarding documents are issued for a limited period: 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

To buy a standard ticket for a fixed-flight flight is cheaper than buying an air ticket with an open date. In return, you can go on a trip on any day, chosen at your own discretion and easily plan your time. When you decide on the date of departure, contact the airline's representative about it within 2-3 days prior to it, there the time of departure will be added to the ticket. In doing so, you should know:

  • the place is booked taking into account empty seats;
  • If there are no seats for the class indicated in the ticket, it will be possible to accommodate in a more expensive class and pay the difference;
  • the passenger receives the right of departure only after entering the date into the ticket.

Where and how to buy a ticket with an open date

You can make a purchase at the ticket office of the air carrier or online. Most airlines offer this service to customers. In any case, the client will need to provide information about the desired flight (either way or one way). If the boarding document is bought for unauthorized persons: friends or relatives, you will need to specify their exact age and personal data.

Before you buy an air ticket with an open date, you need to know that they have the same legal force as regular ones. They are subject to similar rules, including the ability to hand over a ticket if necessary. Often, an open date is not possible for tickets purchased with a discount or share. There are also a number of countries that can only be entered with a return ticket with a fixed date. Information on the possibility of changing the date is indicated on the ticket itself.


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