How to use e-tickets

How to use e-tickets

How to use e-tickets?


Time is a very valuable resource and many are looking for ways to save it. Thanks to the advent of aircraft, you can travel from continent to continent in a matter of hours. And thanks to electronic tickets, it is possible to minimize the remaining processes: find and choose the right flight, pay for the place, if necessary, order additional services. As the long-standing practice shows, the standard landing document has the same legal force as an electronic air ticket. How to use it, we will consider in our article.


Such tickets are used by all major carriers and imply entering in the database information about a particular passenger who paid the flight. After payment, the customer receives a routing receipt on the electronic mail box, which contains detailed information on the flight:


  • personal data of the passenger;
  • flight number;
  • the time of departure and stay of the aircraft in transit;
  • points of departure and destination;
  • name and details of the carrier;
  • booking code.


To avoid any difficulties in landing, carefully check the information when making a ticket. It should not contain errors and inconsistencies with existing documents. With a traditional paper ticket, there is much more trouble, it is easy to lose or spoil it. Therefore, more and more passengers today choose e-tickets. How to use them, even a novice traveler can understand without difficulty. We need to print them out and show them at the airport before boarding the plane.

How to check air tickets


The document also contains the e-ticket number, which consists of 13 digits. Using it, you can make sure that the ticket is genuine. If you do not know how to check an electronic ticket, you can do it in two ways:


  • on the airline's website. Find the "search for reservations" section, enter your name and booking code. So you get detailed information about your flight and make sure that the ticket is not fake;

  • through a special ticket reservation program. Companies that perform the reserve act in a similar way. To find out which services of a booking company a carrier can use, specify in the help desk. In most cases, the name of the company is also indicated in the ticket.


When you see a window with information about the ticket, it means that it is genuine. With the help of online reservation services you can make changes, add information about preferred meals, seats, make surcharges, etc.


If you want to quickly buy an electronic ticket for a plane, look for the flight you need by filling out the form below: