How to issue an air ticket purchased via the Internet

How to issue an air ticket purchased via the Internet

How to issue an air ticket purchased via the Internet?

A sudden illness, changed plans - on the eve of an air flight anything can happen. It is quite natural and understandable to wish to hand over the ticket and get the money spent back. But what should I do if he is electronic? On how to hand over an air ticket purchased through the Internet, you will learn in this article.


Return of the boarding document for the flight is carried out according to a scheme similar to the return of a paper ticket. But before you send an air ticket, please note whether "NON REF" or "Non refundable" is written on it. Such an inscription indicates that it can not be returned.


Let's note, the more expensive the ticket is, the easier it will be to return it and get more money. As for inexpensive tickets purchased at a big discount - they are only subject to exchange for another flight. The time remaining before departure is also important. The carrier company takes a large amount of the commission in the event that there is little time left before departure. Consequently, the passenger receives less money.

Algorithm of actions

If you do not know where and how to take the electronic ticket, contact the company where you bought it (to the airline, travel agency, airline ticket office). You will need to specify the date, time of departure, booking number, flight and ticket. This information is sent to the customer's electronic mail box immediately after payment of the boarding document.


  • Fill out an online application for a refund, attach to it a scan of the passport for which it was bought. Send the document and application via the website or email to the organization.
  • Directly at the agency's office it is possible to carry out this procedure. This is an easy way to return an air ticket purchased via the Internet, if the office or cash office is in your city.

Regardless of which carrier you want to pass, the return is only through the travel agency (if the purchase was made through it). For a successful operation it is necessary to apply to the company exclusively to the passenger indicated on the ticket or his authorized representative.


"How to return an air ticket purchased online?" - this question interests many who save their time and money. The repayment period ranges from several minutes to several working days. Time depends on the timing of the application and the method of return. Money at the request of the client can be issued in cash, transferred to a card, an electronic wallet or a checking account.


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