Appetizing Gelato Festival in Italy!

Appetizing Gelato Festival in Italy!

25 April 2018 10:21

The annual festival of Italian delicacies on April 20 began its journey through the cities of Italy and other European countries. The ice cream festival started traditionally in Florence and after the completion of the Florentine stage the Gelato Festival continues its journey to Rome, Milan, Turin and Berlin, Warsaw, London, Vienna. Gelato Festival is the festival of the rare flavors of Gelato delicacies, presented by the best masters of Italy's Celiac. The program provides master classes for its production and tasting unusual tastes.


The Ice Cream Festival in Italy has existed since 2010 and managed with a short brief event in Florence, the birthplace of Bernardo Buontalenti, the inventor of the gelato, to grow into a national festival that lasts from April to October every year. Since 2013, the festival is held in other Italian cities, and also began its march through the cities of Europe.


Gelato Festival surprises sweeties with unusual flavors of dessert, among which: Fior di Bacco - milk ice cream with a thick and fragrant syrup of caramelized grape sauce with fresh and dried fruit, Menta selvatica - white ice cream with chopped leaves of wild mint, Chocopassion - classic ice cream with chocolate in combination with passion fruit juice. as well as ice cream with rice and almonds, ginger and black orange, whiskey and pear sauce.


Calendar Gelato Festival:

  • April 20-22 start in Florence,
  • from April 28 to May 1, the festival will be held in the park Villa Borghese in Rome,
  • May 5-6 - on the square of Vittorio Veneto in Turin,
  • On May 12-13, in the Castello square in Milan,
  • June 1-2 in Berlin,
  • June 9-10 in Warsaw,
  • June 23-24 in London,
  • July 6-7 in Vienna,
  • in the middle of September the final stage of the Gelato Festival will be held again in Florence.

Do not miss the chance to taste the most delicious ice cream of the year!