Beautiful night festival Loi Krathong!

Beautiful night festival Loi Krathong!

16 November 2018 20:05

In Thailand, from November 22, 2018 at night of the twelfth full moon, the famous fiery feast of Loi Krathong will take place. On the day of the full moon, residents across the country go to the reservoirs, reviving, thanks to the candles, glorifying and praising the Goddess of the water.


With the onset of night, when the full moon appears in the sky, you can watch a fascinating action: thousands of boats with burning candles fill the river - this is the Thais let their cratons water, making wishes. At the festival of lights all the reservoirs of the country are filled with lit candles and craton. The festival is annually celebrated throughout Thailand, as well as in Laos and Burma (Myanmar).


Passing all night long, Loi Kratong passes on the streets, fills the hearts with incredibly beautiful processions, concerts, theatrical performances and other folk festivals, while the Thais themselves in festive clothes dance folk dances and sing. The sky shudders from the amazing colorful salutes and fireworks.


An integral part of the holiday is kratong, boats with small burning candles on the decks. Kratongs can be completely different sizes and types, reminiscent of holiday cakes or miniature palaces - these are real works of art in the form of a lotus flower.