A breathtaking holiday of fireworks in Cologne!

A breathtaking holiday of fireworks in Cologne!

10 July 2017 14:21

The evening starry sky of the German city of Cologne on July 15 will be decorated with colorful lights. On the Rhine, the annual big fireworks festival "Cologne's lights" will be held. The Kolner Lichter Festival attracts a large number of guests and residents of the city who are delighted to watch the unique spectacular spectacle of lights in the sky from the decks of dozens of river ships and boats.


Saturated bright fireworks, Bengal lights and fire fountains in Cologne turn the embankment into a sea of ​​lights and impressions, accompanied by a night musical performance. Multicolored flashes and sparks, fire fountains and Bengal lights turn the Rhine promenade into a sea of ​​flames.


A well-thought-out concert program and events within the framework of the show will allow you to immerse yourself in a fabulous colorful world. Guests can visit at any time of day or night cafes, restaurants, shops and even museums of the city. The city during the holiday is illuminated by large and small multi-colored lights reflected in the waters of the Rhine. In addition, city dwellers light lanterns and candles everywhere: in houses, on streets and squares.


But the most amazing moments of the Cologne fires are fireworks, organized in the evening on moving boats, in the areas of Tanzbrunen and the Rheinpark. And the highlight of the festival before the start of the fireworks are rowing competitions on the Rhine river, which organizes the Cologne rowing club.