The devil's bridge in Tuscany in anticipation of restoration

The devil's bridge in Tuscany in anticipation of restoration

24 July 2017 16:34

In the Tuscan province of Lucca, the famous 11th century bridge, called the Devil's Bridge, is being restored. The real name of the bridge is Ponte della Maddalena, in honor of the countess, at which construction began. The first phase of the restoration was possible, thanks to the association Art Bonus, which collected more than 100 thousand euros for the work. To fully restore the monument will require another 135 thousand euros.


This outstanding bridge connects the banks of the Serco River in Garfagnan near the small town of Borgo a Mozzano. It dates back to the days of the famous Countess Matilda of Canossa, that is, towards the end of the XI - the beginning of the XII centuries.

According to legend, the chief builder did not keep within the deadlines and concluded an agreement with the devil, promising for the help of the soul of the first who will pass through the bridge. The construction ended in one night, but the builder was frightened and rushed to the priest, who offered to put a dog or a pig across the bridge. An angry devil threw her into the river.


The bridge has a classical medieval form of the donkey's back with the only unique difference that it is asymmetric, that is, on the one hand it is longer and more flat. The central arch is so high and strong, but at the same time light and elegant, that, it seems, the bridge comes into conflict with the law of universal gravitation.


Together with the surrounding scenery, all this is a fantastic sight - the mountain river Serco, the hills and the bridge itself, like a wing of a bat.