Direct rail service to Mariupol

Direct rail service to Mariupol

19 June 2017 14:05

In the summer season for the comfortable travel of passengers Ukrzaliznytsya will launch the train Odessa - Mariupol and Mariupol - Kharkov.


The train Odessa-Mariupol No. 192/191 will start running from June 20, 2017 through the day on odd numbers. The train from Odessa will depart at 14:31 and arrive in Mariupol at 12:20 the next day. On the return route for even numbers departure from Mariupol will be performed at 13:45 with arrival in Odessa at 10:06 the next day. On the way there are planned stops in 12 settlements, in particular in Zaporozhye, Kherson, Nikolaev and other cities.


From July 6, the Mariupol-Kharkov train will be appointed. The timetable for this train is still under development, but it is expected that it will run in the structure of 16 cars.


In addition, Mariupol-Lviv, No. 103/44 Mariupol-Kiev, No. 83/84 Mariupol-Kiev with a group of trailer cars Mariupol-Kharkov, are currently operating in Mariupol.