Festival of Pirates and Princesses in Disneyland!

Festival of Pirates and Princesses in Disneyland!

25 April 2018 10:18

The Parisian amusement park Disneyland hosts a music festival of pirates and princesses.


Disneyland Paris until May 31 will conduct a new music show Disney Pirate or Princess: Make your Choice! In the entertainment project with the participation of more than 85 actors, children and adults can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of fairy tales, magic and adventurism. The program represents a world of opposites, on the one hand pirates-adventurers and with another romantic, determined princesses. Anyone can take part in a large-scale interactive show, trying on the image of one of the characters of Disney.


At a meeting in the pavilion of the princesses and at a dinner at Cinderella Auberge de Cendrillon, visitors learn about the rules of etiquette, and adventurers are waiting for a huge pirate ship with holds and secret rooms completely at the disposal of the "robbers".


Guests of the show are provided with the Princess for a Day service for creating a hairstyle and make-up, which will help to reincarnate into your favorite heroine. Make the perfect pirate make-up on the Adventure World, complemented by a suit from the store Le Coffre du Capitaine.


Here is provided fun for all. Those who wish can go on a long guided tour of the park or the attractions of the resort, in special places on new shows, and enjoy the service of the restaurants Auberge de Cendrillon ("Visiting Cinderella") and Captain Jack's.


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