Energetic colorful Junkanoo Festival in the Bahamas!

Energetic colorful Junkanoo Festival in the Bahamas!

19 December 2016 15:18

Annual colorful action called Junkanoo bright emotions surrounds residents and visitors from 26 December to 1 January. The holiday coincides with the celebration of Christmas and New Year, and passes on the islands of New Providence, Bol. Bahama, Eleuthera, Bimini and the Abacos.


Quay in Nassau Bay each year is filled with light during the Junkanoo Festival. Winter parade is held with the participation of dressed visitors with songs and dances to the rhythmic accompaniment of drums, bells and horns. Junkanoo is similar to Orleans Mardi Gras and Carnival in Rio, but has its own peculiarities. Parade participants are combined into groups, each of which displays a specific topic. Their costumes, dance and music - everything is subordinated to the chosen theme. At the end of the parade judges choose the best. The three main categories - the best music, best costume and best overall impression.


For holiday binding colorful costumes and masks; noisy and elegant procession starts early in the morning, almost at night, and lasts until 10 am. Rhythmic music and fire-dancing is so attractive that the crowds are dancing with the participants. The celebrations lasted for a week, then the best musicians, dancers, singers and, of course, the owners of the most beautiful outfits receive special prizes.


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