The famous tulip festival in Canada!

The famous tulip festival in Canada!

03 May 2018 09:16

From 11 to 21 May, during the flowering of tulips, Ottawa will turn into the flower capital of the world. At the annual Canadian Festival of Tulips, as one of the most beautiful holidays in the world, more than a million tourists come to visit.


The annual opening of the flower festival begins with an amazing Bala of tulips, where the models delight visitors with unusual clothes made of tulips. In addition, the parade of models complements the dance show and city tastings of the best dishes of different countries and the best champagne.


After a flower ball, a special program allows you to go on a trip to Ottawa and its surroundings, as well as to see for yourself the magnificence of flowering tulips. Rideau embankments and fields around the city during this period are dotted with a wide variety of tulips.


By the way, the history of the Canadian festival of tulips is no less interesting than the holiday itself. During the Second World War, when Canada at its own risk and gave shelter to the royal house of the Netherlands, it was here that the Dutch Queen Margriet was born. But only to become a real queen, Margriet was to be born exclusively in the territory of her native country and then the Canadian government very gracefully solved this complex problem by writing a special decree according to which the room of the hospital where Margriet was born was declared the territory of the Netherlands.


After the completion of the Second World War, upon the return of the royal family to their homeland, the princess Juliana thanked the Canadians to Ottawa for a hundred thousand bulbs of tulips. The tradition of sending twenty thousand bulbs of tulips to Ottawa every year has survived to this day. Canadians, worthy of accepting an unusual gift, planted all the vacant land of the country with tulips.


Every spring Ottawa turns into a magical city of tulips!