The first eco-train appeared in the world in Germany

The first eco-train appeared in the world in Germany

06 March 2017 11:51

The world's first eco-train Hydrail appeared in Germany. This completely new type of electric, called Coradia iLint testing will take place before the end of 2017, after which it will be put into full operation.


The electric current from a compressed hydrogen tank mounted on a roof of a train is converted using fuel cells. Quite the train is able to drive a distance of 600-800 km on just one full tank without refueling.


Electric absolutely does not pollute the environment, because the ride on hydrogen and emits only pure steam into the atmosphere. Coradia iLint capable of speeds up to 140 km / h.


In the near future, so called, "gidreyly" in Germany will be able to replace up to 4 thousand. Diesel trains running on the railway stations without electrification. Innovative technologies are also interested in other countries, such as the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway, which are renowned for their concern for the environment.