Free Miniport for luggage from Turkish Airlines

Free Miniport for luggage from Turkish Airlines

16 January 2018 08:43

The national Turkish air carrier "Turkish Airlines" provides passengers with luggage the excellent service "Miniport" in Istanbul. The service consists in the transportation of baggage between the offices of Miniport, located at Ataturk International Airport, Taksim Square and partner hotels. The service is available to all passengers traveling on Turkish Airlines flights, except those traveling from Istanbul to the UK, Israel, Canada or the USA.


Miniport free storage cameras with baggage allow passengers on landing in Istanbul not to carry a heap of suitcases with them, but to transport things effortlessly. Every traveler can drop in at the Miniport office at the airport and then pick it up during the day from the air carrier's office in the center. In the opposite direction, the service operates in a similar way: a passenger who leaves at least five hours before leaving the flight can lend his baggage to the airline office in the square, and then get it at the airport.


The schedule of the miniport offices from Turkish Airlines:

at the Ataturk International Airport: from 07:00 to 23:00
on Taksim Square: every day from 08: 00 to 20: 00
The schedule of baggage delivery to the airport: daily at 9:00, 13:30, and also at 18:30.


If the passenger departs from Istanbul airport after 17:00, the Miniport service must be booked until 10:30. The luggage delivery after 10:30 is valid for passengers who will fly out the next day.