In Siena will pass the famous horse racing Palio di Siena

In Siena will pass the famous horse racing Palio di Siena

26 June 2018 23:00

Traditional Italian horse racing in Siena will be held on July 2, 2018. In the Italian city of Siena in the Middle Ages, a tradition was born to hold races in the city, called the Palio di Siena. The event will be held on the main square of the city - Piazza del Campo. In the city at the time of the event, many tourists flock to join this noisy and world-famous spectacle.

The races do not take place at the racetrack like the usual jumps, but right on the streets of the city, along the perimeter of the main square of Siena, in the center of which the spectators are at this time. In the equestrian competition, 10 teams take part that represent 10 out of 17 districts of the city. Each has its own coat of arms and exhibits one rider for competitions.

Each counter has the name of an animal or any object, and is also famous for its rich history, heraldry and mythology. Ten riders-participants during the Siena medieval show are dressed in costumes of traditional colors of their contra, and flags and coats of arms are fluttering on the building of the Palace of the Commune.

The team wins, the horse of which ran three circles around the square, even if it came to the finish without a rider. The winner receives a special banner made for this occasion, and 50 silver coins that reproduce the ancient coins of the Siena Republic.