The largest sauna festival in Finland

The largest sauna festival in Finland

15 May 2017 13:48

In summer you can visit the world's largest festival of Finnish saunas. A well-known Finnish holiday will be held in three cities: Helsinki (June 8-11), Turku (June 15-18) and Jyväskylä (August 10-13). Guests of the festival will get acquainted with the most different and unusual saunas of the country, will enjoy Finnish music, art and national cuisine.

In the capital, the holiday will be concentrated in the center of the city, located on the square near the famous Olympic stadium, in Turku will be held in the park in front of the Turku Castle.

In Jyväskylä, the festival will be the largest in area, and one of the key elements will be water. The lake of the city allows you to design unusual saunas, such as saunas in boats and even underwater. The celebration area will have a newly-built huge sauna, which will accommodate more than two hundred people.

The event includes an entertainment program, a snack in the sauna, lectures and sauna-yoga sessions. VIP guests are offered separate saunas with barbecue and performances by artists in a relaxed, cozy atmosphere.