Les Pres D'eugenie - a new hotel palace in France!

Les Pres D'eugenie - a new hotel palace in France!

29 August 2017 06:20

The French hotel Les Pres D'eugenie 5 * was included in the list of hotels that have the status of a palace in France. At the meeting of the commission, which included Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Mare, the hotel Les Pres d'Eugenie was awarded the status of "Palace" for 5 years.


Les Pres d'Eugenie is located in the French resort of Eugene-les-Bains and is in fact a small palace occupying an area of ​​7.6 hectares, consisting in particular of luxurious gardens. The luxury hotel is in the possession of the famous chef Michel Gerard, who has three stars of the Guide Micheln since 1977.


The hotel has 39 rooms and 4 villas that are part of the complex of buildings distributed throughout the property. Among the services of the hotel - a spa, a kitchen and culinary courses from a titled boss.


The category of hotel-palaces has existed since 2010 and includes exclusive hotels reflecting the strengths of France. Five-star hotels with a special geographical location, historical interest and a special heritage are awarded with the significant status of the "palace".


In the list of French palaces, there are already 24 hotels, among them Les Sources de Caudalie in Martijac (Gironde), Royal Evian (Upper Savoy), Bastide de Gordes (Vaucluse) and Reserve Paris.