Meet the holiday of bright Easter in the Czech Republic!

Meet the holiday of bright Easter in the Czech Republic!

08 April 2019 08:28

Easter weekend is just around the corner and a truly festive brew can be felt in the vicinity of Prague! Prague Easter attracts with traditional annual festivals and fairs that take place on the most important squares of the city - Wenceslas, Old Town and Republic Square. Until April 28, various preparations and fairs in honor of the spring celebration will take place in the Czech capital.

Guests and residents of the city will certainly enjoy the music and dance performances, egg coloring, wicker wickerwork from willow branches or candle making, Prague traditions are all over. In urban restaurants you can closely get acquainted with the gastronomic variety of Czech cuisine and Easter delicacies.

The Easter program will not make bored even the smallest, they will be able to test their skills in a children's workshop on the Old Town Square. Czech castles and castles offer to visit fairs and workshops of national craftsmen with the secrets of their craftsmanship on the pre-Easter days.

Happy Easter!