Modernization of the railway line between Istanbul and Sofia

Modernization of the railway line between Istanbul and Sofia

04 November 2018 12:30

Turkey has developed a project to modernize the section of the main railway line with a length of 200 km, connecting Istanbul and the border with Bulgaria. The implementation of this program, with the start of construction work in the first half of 2019, will bring Turkey closer to creating a through railway connection between the eastern and western borders. no expiration date yet announced.


The project involves dismantling the existing line between Cherkezkoy and Kapikule stations, erecting a new roadbed and laying the upper structure of a double-track line providing movement with a maximum speed of 200 km / h.


The site will be equipped with an alternating current system with a voltage of 25 kV and a frequency of 50 Hz, an alarm system and a European train control system ETCS level 1, as well as the appropriate communications equipment.


The construction of additional service and technical buildings, the reconstruction of Cherkezkei and Kapikule stations, as well as the design and construction of two road overpasses, five above-ground and two underground passages, six culvert pipes and six retaining walls are also planned.