Parking at Zhuliany airport for new tariffs

Parking at Zhuliany airport for new tariffs

31 July 2017 14:41

In Kiev airport Zhulyany a new method of payment for parking of cars is applied. Changes to the method of payment occurred around the existing terminals A for international flights and D for domestic flights. To improve and speed up the parking procedure, an automatic accounting system is installed in the terminals.


Payment should now be made through a parking lot located in the terminal's arrival area. Earlier, it was necessary to pay the parking attendant on duty at the exit from the station square.


At this stage, the equipment for parking at the airport Zhulyany accepts only cash for payment. This model of the device provides for payment with the help of payment cards and this option will be available in August-September.


The mechanism for registering and paying for a parking in Zhuliany provides for the receipt of a parking ticket for entry, payment for parking at a parking terminal in terminal A, and the subsequent leaving of a parking ticket in a controlling payment for an automatic machine at the exit from the station square. Transition to the new principle of payment for parking in Zhuliany can partially solve the problem of traffic congestion on the exit from the station square at peak time due to the fact that on departure parking fees will not be charged, but only monitored.