The Portuguese wine festival in Madeira has already begun!

The Portuguese wine festival in Madeira has already begun!

04 September 2017 13:55

Until 10.09.2017 on the island of Madeira, the annual Madeira Wine Festival will be held. This bright holiday is timed to the end of the grape harvest season. The festival attracts connoisseurs of Madeira wine, all residents and guests of the island. Madeira wine is known all over the world! Madeira - strong wine with amber color and caramel-nutty hints in taste and aroma. In addition, this type of wine can be both dry and dessert. The peculiarity of these wines is in the aging of the wine material and in the process of making wine at a sufficiently high temperature (of the order of 30-45 ° C) for a considerable time.


This is an ideal occasion to get acquainted with local history and gastronomy in a very original form. There are handicraft exhibitions and master classes on the art of winemaking, show programs, concerts of national Portuguese music.


And also during the Feast of Madeira wine in Funchal, the European Folklore Week will take place, in which national and foreign ethnographic groups will take part, introducing the audience to the culture and ethnography. It is also possible to join the local residents in the wine village, which is located on the main square of Funchal. The village will offer thematic dinners and game workshops.


And at the end of the Madeira Wine Festival on September 9, there will be a solemn gathering and pressing of grapes, which traditionally takes place in the vineyards of Estreit de Camara de Lobos. Anyone can take part in the collection. And all this is not without the participation of the Maderian folklore groups.