The season of hot sales in Italy!

The season of hot sales in Italy!

06 June 2018 07:48

Large sales in Italy are already open on July 7. Undoubtedly, Italy is famous for its seasonal sales, as they themselves call the Italians - "Sconti". Here you can always buy exclusive Italian things at much lower prices. Replenish your wardrobe with things from famous fashion brands summer sales allow for the best prices with discounts of 15 to 50%.


This summer, almost throughout Italy, summer sales will begin on July 7. In Apulia and Sicily sales will end in mid-September. In Lazio, Trentino and Liguria, the season of sales is the shortest: until mid-August. The most popular city for shopping is Milan.


Prior to the popular outlets Serravalle can be reached both from Milan, and from Turin - there discounts remain all year round.


The most popular places for shopping: Rome - Plaza of Spain and Condotti street with the adjacent streets; Milan - "fashion triangle" between the streets of Montenapoleone, Andrea, Jezu and Della Spiga; Venice - St. Mark's Square and the adjacent territory, Merceria; Naples - Amadeo square, de Martiri square and the adjacent streets of Calabritto and Via dei Mille.