Tapas appetizer in Spain!

Tapas appetizer in Spain!

18 September 2017 20:30

In the Andalusian town of Espartinas, from September 20 to 24, the traditional "Tapas Route" festival will be held.

The festival, dedicated to the famous Spanish snacks, is held in Espartinas for the second time. This year, on the route, a tourist train will be launched, where you can ride through different corners of the town and get to the participating bars and restaurants.


The most popular component of the holiday was a special snack with a drink, the cost of only 2.5 euros. This appetizer is prepared in institutions specially for this occasion. If you buy only a tapas snack, then it will cost 2 euros, and a combo with a cocktail - 3 euros.


Guests of restaurants and bars in Espartinas will be given a special "route sheet", which can be stamped in each of the places visited. And besides, you can choose the best tapas among salty and sweet snacks. Participate in the gastronomic race on the famous routes!